The Real Story with Noahide Laws Course and Netiv

8. Who is Rod Bryant of Netiv?

8.1. Rod Bryant's Admission of Being Ger

The following was excerpted from an article written about Rod Bryant.  I highlighted Rod's admission of being a part of the Ger Gang by telling the world that he lives his life as a Jew but is not halachly Jewish.  This is exactly what the Ger Gang out of Waco, TX. teaches.  You can do everything a Jew does but don't have to convert to Judaism.  You can confirm all this from previous articles.  He also makes the claim of being a leader in the International Movement.  He may be a leader in the false religion that is the Ger movement but he is certainly not a leader in the Noahide Movement.

It’s a quiet morning at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport. A few people are milling about checking in for their flights, while others are gathering their baggage. I step outside the terminal into an early morning Texas breeze. It’s a little cool but humid. I scan the area looking for my contact and soon spot him waving to me from across the street. I grab my bag and rush over to his car. Rod (Reuven) Bryant is sporting a big black yarmulke on head and his face is covered by a well-trimmed beard. He is wearing a white button-down shirt and a sharp single-breasted black suit. “Shalom aleichem!” he exclaims as he embraces me in a hug. I notice the Glock pistol strapped to his waist; we are in Texas, after all. We climb into his small sedan and set off for Humble, a small suburb of Houston only ten minutes away.

After making some small talk we arrive at our destination. The sign above the door reads “Netiv Center for Torah Study.” “I don’t know if you davened yet, but if you haven’t, feel free to daven inside,” he tells me as he opens the door. I go in and find myself in a large room filled with tables and chairs. On one side there’s a small aron kodesh, and the rest of the walls are lined with bookcases full of sefarim. If you thought that I just walked into a kollel or yeshivah, think again; you’re in for a shock. And as for Rod, despite his appearance he’s not even Jewish.

Let me correct myself; it’s kind of complicated. Rod lives his life as a Jews, but he is not halachically Jewish. So what am I doing with a gun-toting, yarmulke-wearing non-Jew in Texas? Allow me to introduce you to a community of righteous people who keep the Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach. Rod Bryant is their leader. As a former pastor, he knows a thing or two about Christianity—which is why he is perfectly suited to lead this group of ex-Christians who are searching for the truth.

I am quickly introduced to several people who are members of this community. This is the place they gather several times a week to learn Torah and further their knowledge of Judaism......