I Get Ger 2.0/Shalom 70/Kabbalah of Adam Exposed

5. Russell Kirk, Mike Mattlage and the Ger Gang Attack Noahides and Rabbis-Intro

5.2. Russell Kirk, Mike Mattlage and the Ger Gang Attack Noahides and Rabbis II

Russell Kirk

March 14

What can you say.... some Noahides want to be treated as idolators.

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Reese Stroppa Why even bother leaving Christianity then?

Russell Kirk Reese Stroppa good point... but in reality they haven’t... that’s why some Jews treat all the righteous non Jews like they are still in the church... because of these Shabbos goyim...

Gloria Culver Reese Stroppa we were at that point at one time too but now we know better.

Mike Mattlage might as well call them the "N-word".. wait, they do.. the new "N-word" is Noahide, been saying it for years.. its time people start listening

Russell Kirk Lalaine Garcia a Shabbos goy is a non Jew that breaks Shabbat for the Jew... the Jew can only ask an idolator/AKUM to do this for them... but in reality the Jew never need a Shabbos goy... it just nice to have around...

Russell Kirk A Shabbos Goy is a AKUM...

מיכאל דוד גואטה Russell Kirk
Akum ?
No brother. A shabbat goy don't neccessary believe in idols

Russell Kirk

December 3, 2019

The confusing no no hide teachings on Ger Toshav... first there is no Ger Toshav then they are the Ger Toshav... no wonder the Noahides are confused... look at who is teaching them...