I Get Ger 2.0/Shalom 70/Kabbalah of Adam Exposed

13. The Love Affair is Over- Mattlage vs Katz

It is so funny to hear make talk about how many rabbi's Noahide Nations has gone through especially when the exact opposite is true.  Then I hear him welcoming David Katz into the Shalom 70 FB group.  I don't know if David Katz re-joined them or not.  Don't really care either way.  They are both cut from the same cloth.  I really wonder if either of these men experience shame or remorse, even a little, for what they have done to people and organizations???  From the looks of it so far, I think not!

I have David Katz's response to this but it just makes me sick to try and ingest all this bilge water.  Maybe I'll put it up later but now it's time to move on.