4. Noahide Laws & Life Cycle Course - Self-Study

When you donate $100.00 to help support Noahide Nations programs you will have access to this in-depth course of 80 hours on the Noahide Laws.  The course will be accessible in the Academy of Shem.   This includes the video/audio recordings of each class as well as the text.   You will also be able to read the supplemental reading material for the classes that they pertain to.  There are even be 5 "Test You Knowledge" quiz's.

After you have made your donation you will be sent a confirmation enrollment email.

Our 501(c)3 ID #20-3301464 - You will receive a Giving Statement at the end of the year for your kind support.

Enrolled students may access the course HERE

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Watch and listen to a class

Topics and number of classes for each topic.

Introduction to Noahide Laws – 1 class
Noahide History – 1 class
Gentile Identities in the Torah – 1 class
Interpreting the Torah – 1 class
Deriving the Laws – 4 classes
Noahide Identity  – 5 classes
Chiddushei Dat   – 2 classes
Noahide Prayer  – 2 classes
Blessings  – 2 classes
Torah Study  – 2 classes
Selecting a Rabbi – 1 class
Shabbat  – 3 classes
Festivals  – 9 classes
Noahide Kashrus  – 3 classes
Noahide Lifecycle Events  – 11 classes
Animal Issues  – 2 classes
Idolatry  – 4 classes
Monetary Laws  – 3 classes
Dinim  – 3 classes
Epilogue – 1 class

Additional 26 Class supplemental readings