5. Interpreting the Torah

Outline of This Lesson:

1. The Uniqueness of the Torah Tradition

2. The Jewish View of Tanakh (Scripture)

3. The Prophets & Writings

4. The Many Facets of Torah

5. Torah She-Baal Peh – The Oral/Experiential Torah

6. Mesorah - Transmission

7. Writing Down the Oral Law

          a. The Mishnah (Teaching)

          b. The Gemorah (Learning)

          c. The Talmud

8. Other Torah Texts

          a. Midrash

          b. Mystical Texts

9. Rabbinic Authority

10. Deciding Halakhah (Practice)

11. Eras of Torah Scholarship & Authority

          a. The Gaonim

          b. The Rishonim

          c. The Koviim

          d. The Acharonim