Noahide Nations Talk Radio Show - Fan Favorites Vol. II

INR Announces Noahide Nations Radio Show (2009)

Israel National Radio has begun what is possibly the first ever Sons of Noach radio show. Hosted by Ray Pettersen and Jim Long, the Noahide Nations show is a program about the Noahide, or Bnei Noach, movement - Gentiles who have accepted the Torah. In recent years, groups have been springing up, mostly in the United States, for non-Jews who are disenchanted with Christianity and seek spiritual fulfillment through the Torah of Israel, but don't convert to Judaism.



                               This is a selection of fan favorites and are in no particular order



1. Wake Up Call for the 3rd Jihad

Noahide Nations Radio Show on Israel National Radio

Wake Up Call for the 3rd Jihad

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