51. Animal Issues: II - Cross Breeding Animals & Grafting Trees

Outline of Lesson:

1. Introduction
2. Braisa, Sanhedrin 56b
3. Sanhedrin 60a Elucidated
4. Where were Noahides Originally Commanded in These Mitzvos?
5. Maimonides
6. Explaining Maimonides
7. Summary of Laws
          a. Determining Different Species
          b. The Prohibition Against Cross-Breeding Animals
                    i. To What Does it Apply?
                    ii. How Does One Transgress?
                    iii. Artificial Insemination & Genetic Engineering
                    iv. Status of Hybrid Offspring
          c. The Prohibition Against Grafting Different Species
                    i. What is Called “Tree,” “Vine,” and “Fruit”
                    ii. To Which Combinations Does this Prohibition Apply?
                    iii. Discovering Grafted Trees or Vines on One’s Property
                    iv. The Fruit & Branches of a Hybrid Tree