53. Idolatry II : Fundamentals

Outline of Lesson:

1. Introduction
2. The Injunction Against Noahide Idolatry
3. Noahide vs. Jewish Prohibitions of Idolatry
          a. Capital Idolatry
          b. Lesser Forms of Idolatry
4. Idolatry in Thought or Intellect: The Prohibition of “Turning to Idolatry”
          a. Thoughts and Theologies
          b. Books of Idolatry
          c. Learning From Deviant Believers
          d. Deniers of the Torah & Scorners
          e. Debating Idolaters & Atheists
5. Verbal Idolatry
          a. Oaths
          b. Referring to Idols
          c. When it is Permitted