Challenge of the Eternal One


Professor Eugene Narrett, of blessed memory taught at Colleges and Universities since he received his Doctorate from Columbia University in 1978. In addition to his primary field, Literature, he has designed, directed and taught in an interdisciplinary Humanities BA program and many interdisciplinary courses in fields including Art History, History, Literature and Philosophy. He is a published poet and art critic. His wide-ranging knowledge of history and his ability to integrate disciplines provides a comprehensive overview and rare insights into the most challenging conflicts and currents of our times.  Professor Narrett has authored five books about cultural history and Israel related issues.

Culture of Terror: The Collapse of America
Israel and The Endtimes: Writings on the Logic and Surface Turbulence of History
World War III: The War on the Jews
Gathered Against Jerusalem: Essays on a False Peace
Israel Awakened: A Chronicle of the Oslo War

1. Understanding the What and Why's of the Creator

From Challenge of the Eternal One Series

Understanding the What and Why's of the Creator

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