Book of Proverbs: The How To Guide To Life’s Decisions Series Vol. III

17. Proverbs 17:14-19

From The How To Guide To Life’s Decisions Series

Proverbs 17:14-19

14 Starting a fight is like letting water through [a dike] — better stop the quarrel before it gets worse.
15 He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous — both alike are an abomination to Adonai.
16 Why would a fool wish to pay for wisdom when he has no desire to learn?
17 A friend shows his friendship at all times — it is for adversity that [such] a brother is born.
18 He who gives his hand to guarantee a loan for his neighbor lacks good sense.
19 Those who love quarreling love giving offense; those who make their gates tall are courting disaster.

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