Topic outline

  • Derech Hashem: Way of God


  • First Session - FUNDAMENTAL - 9 Weeks

    Topics to be covered

              The Creator

              The Purpose of Creation
              Human Responsibility
              The Spiritual Realm

    • Video/Audio Recordings for FUNDAMENTALS - Session 1

    • Second Session - PROVIDENCE - 9 Weeks

      Topics to be covered

                Providence in General
                Man in This World
                Individual Providence
                Israel and the Nations
                How Providence Works
                The System of Providence
                The Influence of the Stars
                Details of Providence

      • Third Session - The Soul, Inspiration & Prophesy - 7 Weeks

        Topics to be covered

                  The Soul & Its Influence
                  Inspiration and Prophesy
                  The Prophetic Experience
                  Moshe as a Prophet

        • Fourth Session - SERVING GOD - 12 Weeks

          Topics to be covered

                    General Areas of Divine Service
                    Study of the Torah
                    Love and Fear of God
                    The Sh'ma & Its Blessings
                    The Order of the Day
                    Periodic Observances
                    Seasonal Commandments
                    Circumstantial Observances and Blessings

          • AN ESSAY ON FUNDAMENTALS - ORAL LAW - by Moshe Chaim Luzzatto - 7 Weeks

            Topics to be covered

                      The Spiritual World
                      Torah and Commanments
                      Reward and Punishment
                      Paradise and Gehinnom
                      Moshe and Prophesy
                      The Redemption
                      The Unwritten Torah

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