5. Who is Dennis Humphreys?

Dennis Humphreys calls himself a Noahide but his actions over the years having indicated something a bit different.  Now in Dennis' defense he has done some good work with Noahide Nations.  He has helped with our world conference DVD's and created a Roku Channel for Noahide Nations.  Now, he has done this for others as well so in this regard he has helped a number of people.  However, I will have to say that he is a very difficult personality to work with but then again, I may be as well.  Unfortunately, this argumentative character trait flowed over into the classroom of the Noahide Laws & Life Cycle Course during Class 7.  I had students contact me to complain about his constant disruptions during class and even argued with the Rabbi teaching the class.  The Rabbi he argued with is now the Rabbi they are using to teach their course, Rabbi Glucksman.  Dennis challenged many of the teaching in the course that he has hijacked from Noahide Nations.  Dennis always seems to want it to go his way regardless of it being the wrong way or not.  We all have correction that needs to be done and HaShem works with each of us to improve, if we are willing.

Dennis is the main instigator of this entire hijacking of the Noahide Laws & Life Cycle Course that Noahide Nation help create and build.  He took all the effort that Noahide Nations has made over the past 7 years and took it for himself.  Fishel Todd helped him do it because he is angry at me for not communicating with him while he was in prison.

Dennis even used our Academy of Shem to send announcements inviting our student body to come and join his 1 week old organization.  This was done without any permission or authorization from Noahide Nations.   He was basically trying to recruit our student body away from Noahide Nations.  Once again, Dennis, stole what it took Noahide Nations 16 years to create and used it against us.  Below is an example of the theft that Dennis executed using our web site.  The messaging system is purely for communicating with other students about a class they were taking or to ask a Rabbi instructor a question.  It was never intended for the purpose for self promoting yourself or your organization.  Later Dennis and his crew started threatening me about removing the Noahide Laws & Life Cycle Course from our web site.  I have been forced to revoked Dennis' Nagid credential because Noahide Nations can not be associated with people who teach Torah with a philosophy of "do as I say, not as I do"!  A person with this mentality should never be allowed to teach Torah.   Noahide Nations will have nothing to do with Dennis Humphreys or anything he is involved in ever again.

For the past week or so I have been getting emails, Facebook messaging and a few phone calls regarding Dennis and Netiv.  I have decided to share some of them so you get a third party opinion as well.

"I warned people to be weary of Netiv due to their 'ger' connections. My initial feelings were correct. This smells to high heaven."

"I just don't care for Netiv, they have a weird way of doing things and teaching people."

"Dennis asked me to teach lessons, so I asked him about how he got access to all the lessons to charge for classes. He said, you told him it was open for all and there wasn't any issues with Noahide Nations..."  I never told Dennis anything of the kind.

"I told a bunch of Noahides to stay away from this project until more things were clear. I felt like a jerk, but I had a bad feeling about all of it."

"Looks like a power grab. I don't trust Rod Bryant, they blocked me from their site when I pushed back and asked questions about certain topics..."

"I told other Noahide leaders to be weary. I was going to contact you sooner, because I didn't think anyone would act so underhandedly and so out in the open. Dennis is on every noahide group advertising his organization and offering the YPS course through Netiv."

"Dennis got an attitude real quick when I asked him some details of Noahide law. He really doesn't know the material very well."

"I became real skeptical of his venture. Real quick.'  'Well, I stand with Noahide Nations, you have been great support. If I can help, keep me in the loop."

Dennis has been using the Noahide Nations Facebook Group page to promote himself and the course.  He has also used Noahide Nations Facebook Business page for the same purpose.  See some of this below.  Now, it is not illegal for him to do this but the real question is should he have done this?  Also, what do you think his intentions were, to help or hurt Noahide Nations?!


Here is the final email I received from Dennis.  So, for those of you that Dennis had lied to about Noahide Nations saying all of this was OK with us.  It is not and never has been, and Dennis knows it.