11. Conclusions

In closing I would like to say that I always find in difficult to understand why people do what has been discussed in the previous material.  Particularly those who wave a flag of Torah in your face while violating it at the same time.  It is very disheartening and a huge distraction when I am forced to defend myself and Noahide Nations when there are so many more important tasks that need to be done, like, spreading HaShem's "Torah for Noahides" to the world.  However, I will continue to defend us against anyone who try's to harm us in any way, while we continue to do what we have been doing for 16 years.

If there is any doubts you may have about what Dennis Humphreys goals really are you can read his final email to me.  I have already explained what has transpired over the past seven years and I am more than prepared to fight this out in court.  They can explain to the Judge why I paid tens of thousands of dollars but received nothing of the course materials and was suddenly not allowed to use them.  Especially since the book is being sold online.  How can they deprive Noahide Nations from using the book filled with materials Noahide Nations helped pay for but Netiv is allowed to use the same book.  The answer to that should be very interesting.

The course was given its name by me not Pirchei Shoshanim, Netiv or Dennis Humphreys.  It was stolen by them.

Fishel Todd is now threatening people involved with Noahide Nations.  He is the last person who should talk about someone else's sin!