3. Response to Dennis Humphrey's Most Recent Post

The above post from Dennis has gone out over the Internet and in particular Facebook.  Though I can't read Dennis' mind, I can read what he wrote and it seems clear to me what his intent is.  I had multiple concerned Noahides send copies of this post to me.  However, I will comment on what Dennis has written from my perspective.

1) "Noahide's Let's Study Together!!"  I have no idea why, after reviewing all the information currently provided in the following sections, you would want to learn anything from these people.

2) "This is the original course that Noahide Nations offered."  Dennis is correct with this statement except for one major difference.  The course we offer was taught by Rabbi Avraham Chaim Bloomenstiel, who was the researcher and author of the course.  Rabbi Bloomenstiel is one of the best teachers that I have had the pleasure of studying with.  He is an Orthodox Jew who follows Torah to the letter, unlike the teachers who they are allowing to teach this righteous work.  He is also correct in that Noahide Nations was the first organization that partnered with Pirchei Shoshanim to offer this course.  Yes, we were there from the very beginning and spent 10's of thousands of dollars to carry this program for nearly 7 years.  Neither Dennis Humphreys or Rod Bryant contributed anything to the development of this course.  The only thing Dennis did was steal the course name that is owned by Noahide Nations and has been used for 6 plus years.  This is very apparent when you read the title of the book that Pirchei Shoshanim published under the title 'The Noahide Laws'.  The final thought I have is that Dennis in using the name of our course and mentioning Noahide Nations in order to capitalize on the previous 7 years of effort put forth by Noahide Nations in bringing this course to the attention of the Noahide World Community.    

3) "We now have the exclusive rights to this course."  Dennis has allowed his ego to get the better of him with this statement.  They do not have the exclusive rights to this course.  The exact lessons that Rabbi Bloomenstiel authored are in the book 'The Noahide Laws'.  Anyone can teach from this book just like every teacher on the planet does in their classrooms.  For him to say that he now has the exclusive rights and that only they can teach this course is absurd.

4) "Anyone offering this course would be in violation of Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim Copyright".  Another absurd statement made by Dennis, see #3.  Everyone on planet Earth can teach the Noahide Laws utilizing 'The Noahide Laws' book or any one of a multitude of books written on the subject such as 'The Divine Code', 'The Seven Laws of Noah', 'Guide for the Noahide' and others, including the 'The Noahide Laws' published in 2007, the same title that Pirchei Shoshanim hijacked for the title of their book. 

5) "This is excellent, in depth study of every aspect of the Noahide lifestyle and we are offering it free to those who want to learn."  Here again, Dennis is correct with his statement about it being an "in depth study".  Unfortunately, it is being taught by teachers who have an attitude of "do as I say, not as I do".  However, you need to discover this for yourself in the following sections to determine if these are the people you really want to learn Torah or anything else from.  On a final note, Dennis uses the word "FREE" to lure you in to their teachings.  My analogy on this is to say, that if you needed brain surgery would you want a surgeon who charges for his ability or the surgeon who operates for free?  That's how important this is.  Learning Torah, especially from proper teachers, is a gift from HaShem and offering this course for free diminishes the value of the course, the author and everyone who had to pay for the course.  That's right, Pirchei Shoshanim (Fishel Todd) made us charge $500 dollars per student and we have been made to charge people ever since.  Even I had to pay to take the course but I was happy to do that.  People who could not afford the course due to financial difficulties, I paid for their tuition out of my own pocket so they could take the course.  I wonder why Fishel is not giving the book away like he is giving the course away?  In my research I have never found a yeshiva that you could attend for "FREE", anywhere in the world.  That's like saying that the years of studying that a Jew is required to do to become a Rabbi and/or a teacher of Torah has no value in the world.  What a shame. 

I am expecting some big time blow back for exposing this information in the following sections, but I can only deal with it when it happens and I assure you, I will!  Even though it will be a 3 on 1 match up I will be very happy to fight to the bitter end, if necessary.