1. Why I have Disclosed the Following Information

1) I and people involved with Noahide Nations are tired of getting kicked around and used as a doormat by alleged Noahides and Jews who profess to be observing the Torah.  So we will now be taking a stand against any entities or individuals who decide they want to attack/destroy Noahide Nations.  We will also be reviewing and/or investigating any complaints submitted about offenders that you submit to us.

2) The Noahide Movement cannot afford to have these sorts of things occurring because, when you think about it, who would want to be part of the Noahide Movement when there is this kind of risk in doing so.  They can go back to church and get that!

3) As Noahides we are to seek justice and help our fellow man, if we can.  We also need to look out for each other when we can.  I recall an incident prior to the Noahide Nations World Conference in 2008 involving a Noahide Yahoo group.  A women called me in tears and while crying explained that she posted a simple message that she was going to the conference and would any woman want to share a hotel room?  With this the leaders of the group decided to assault this 72 year old woman and terrorize her for going to the conference and asking such a question on their group.  This wonderful lady had already paid the registration fee but wanted to cancel because of what these people did and back in 2008 there were very few groups online.  I was able to calm her down and told her that I would do everything I possibly could to find her a roommate and if I did not succeed I would refund the fee.  Well, just as HaShem would have it, I found a woman who was coming over from the UK and she was so grateful for the opportunity to share a room.  It turns out that they were the same age and the lady from the UK was the absolute life of the party.  They became great friends and stayed in contact.

This is what I am talking about as an example of helping out our fellow man/woman.  When arrogant, self righteous people dump all over someone we need to be at the ready with a towel and help clean them up.  There are opportunities like this on a regular basis if we just keep our eyes open.

4) Like number 3, the following email talks of another circumstance that I was unaware of until I was praying to HaShem about whether or not to expose these people.  While praying, this email came in at the exact same time, and gave me my answer.  Here is that email.

Dear Ray,

I want to thank you for the work you have done investigating renegade "rabbis." This is so important as spiritual abuse is at least as devastating as sexual abuse, and all the worse when spiritual and sexual abuse are combined.
I do not want my name or experience publicized. My explicit letter of testimony was part of the divorce and custody hearing for XXXXX and second wife XXXX.I knew XXXXX was in XXXXX upon his return from Israel. He lived with me and my son for 2 years. We are fortunate that we did not suffer worse consequences of knowing him than we did. He is completely narcissistic and left indelible aversions to "orthodoxy" as he lived it. 

His use of seduction, his drug use, his studies of hypnosis and sadism all combine to make him dangerous. His idea of "kabbalah" is that what is imagined, spoken, becomes truth, thereby validating his lying.  He feeds off of the vulnerability and stories of past abuse to enable his place as a trusted partner to continue the cycle. He uses sex to shame any woman who has trusted him, as that convinces him of his power. 

He deliberately chooses single mothers and/or non-Jews or agnostic Jews to prey on as they aren't so well equipped to question his "authority." He has fantasies of sexual acting out with children. Years after I had any contact, one of his oldest best friends said XXXX said that he had rubbed up (fraternized) a 10 year old girl at a temple. So much for Repenting and Learning from his mistakes. 

He continues to be a danger as his publishing career expands and pushes out your investigations for anyone trying to see who XXXXX really is.  I appreciate the work you have done. The truth has gotten corrupted by a legal system that he has cleverly evaded by his sociopath character and manipulation. 


Though the circumstance may be different in this case, the point is still the same.  The point is that we are responsible for helping our fellow man.  Half of the 10 commandments are how to have a relationship with our fellow man.  The Noahide Laws are no different.  Remember what Sir Edmund Burke said about evil.  Reading this email and all the information provided you also know what my decision was.