1. Introduction

I must say from the onset that I never thought I would have to put together this kind of material when I launched Noahide Nations 15 years ago.  It just never occurred to me that there would be a group of non-Jews, many that I know personally, that would attack my wife and I, Noahide Nations and the rabbinic Jewish community.  How can the work that has been done by so many to spread the Torah to the non-Jewish world be so brutalized by people who claim to be righteous.  For 15 years all that we have tried to do is bring Torah learning opportunities for non-Jews, unity between Noahides and the Jewish community, help others in need of help and to live by HaShem's Torah and make ourselves better people.  This has been demonstrated through our work and that of a great many others.  We will continue to do HaShem's work despite what this group has done to us.  But, in parsha Pinchas we learn that sometimes one needs to take an aggressive approach to make things right.  It is with sadness that I have had to take this posture in this case but there was simply no other solution. 

For the record, when we mention "Ger" in this material we do not, in any way, mean the non-Jews who have put in significant time, effort and finances to convert to Judaism.  We are specifically referring to Mike Mattlage and Russell Kirk's Ger Gang.

This section is a compilation of Torah violations committed by the leaders of I Get Ger/I Get Ger 2.0/Shalom 70 over the past several years against the Noahide and Jewish communities.  It is for the purpose of reclaiming my name and that of my family, my reputation as well as that of Noahide Nations and the many other people who have worked with Noahide Nations.  You will find many names of individual Rabbi's, Noahides, Jews and institutions that have been attacked due to their association with Noahide Nations.  This will show you why it is so important to find teachers of good character who actually know the Noahide Laws.  I hold the leaders/teachers Mike Mattlage, Russell Kirk and their teachers Joel Bakst (Baks), David Katz and Chaim Clorfene completely responsible for the teachings that have produced these kinds of actions on the part of their students.  There are many members in their group who also chimed in with their 2 cents or simply sat back and watched Mike and Russell destroy the names and reputations of good people.  None of these members ever contacted Noahide Nations to notify us of what this group was doing to people.  

I am sorry that I have been forced into this but the recent video of Mike trying to do teshuvah was more than I could handle.  They sent this out in the form of a blanket email and/or Instant Message of Facebook.  This video does not even resemble teshuvah let alone be called teshuvah.  Here is the IM that I received from Mike Mattlage that is supposed to be teshuvah.

"We extended our sincere apologies and truly desire peace . Please let’s join for the good together for the sake of heaven

I'm not sure if this is my special teshuvah message or part of a blanket coverage IM.  I doesn't matter because this is NOT teshuvah.

After I received this IM and saw Mike Mattlage's apology/peace video I contacted his current teacher Joel Bakst (Baks) and discussed this with him.  Afterwards, I sent him an email outlining the teshuvah that needed to be done or I would release all this information.  I gave them a full week as a deadline to get this taken care of but when you see Mike's and or Russell's teshuvah attempt you will understand why this information had to be released.  I guess they didn't know how serious I was.  It has now been over 2 weeks so now you can learn who these people truly are.  

If you see everything in this book but still want Mike Mattlage, Russell Kirk. Joel Bakst (Baks), David Katz and/or Chaim Clorfene as your Torah teacher's then by all means go and learn their brand of Torah.  Noahide Nations does not teach the Torah that these men have been teaching the past few years and never will.

Some of this information may not be suitable for your children.

If you have questions, after having viewed the information please contact me at ray@noahidenations.com.