9. Ger Kirk Thinks There is No Noahide Music

Even after the Shalom 70's call for peace Russell still is not being truthful in this video regarding the lack of music for Noahides. Noahide Nations produced a CD titled 'For Heaven's Sake' which was a unity CD with a compilation of songs from Noahides and Jews. This CD was produced by Sam Glaser (voted in Top 10 Jewish Entertainers-Moment Magazine) along with his own Noahide CD titled 'Nations of the World'.  Here is the funny part, Russell and his wife along with Mike Mattlage received copies of each of these CD's at the 2011 Noahide Nations World Conference at no charge.  Sam and Ray paid for these CD's so everyone in attendance could receive a free copy of each.  So, the truth of the matter is that Noahide music has been around for at least 9 years.  Also, a long time friend of Noahide Nations, Kendall Jones, produced a Noahide CD titled 'Song of Adam: Singing Psalms for the Nations'.  Additionally, Amy Magnusson also produced a CD titled 'Tikkun' prior to converting.  Why in the world would anyone want to diminish the efforts of others?

Listen to Sam perform his hit song 'Dancing in Jerusalem'





                      Listen to Jordan Chaviv's beautiful rendition of 'Shema Israel


                    Kendall Jones                                      Amy Magnusson