10. Ger Kirk is Not Even a Good Storyteller

This is just another example of Russell Kirk’s inability to tell the truth.  So, now I have to set the record straight which I will do in blue text.

Russell gets 5 Pinocchio's on this little gem.

Russell Kirk

I was the Vice President of Noahide Nations and worked with Ray Petterson closely...

Yes, Russell was a VP with Noahide Nations but didn’t do very much at all.  I went to the Board of Directors and explained Russell’s lack of effort and commitment.  It was decided to have Russell step down from his VP position with Noahide Nations and become the President of the International Torah Fellowship.  Russell agreed but as time went on it was just more of the same so we had to remove him from that position as well.  Clearly Russell is holding a grudge which has turned to hate.

Noahide Nations is notorious for taking in Rabbis that develop relationships to the Students on Noahide Nations then Ray has a falling out with the Rabbi either kicks him out or the Rabbi leaves causing the students to be torn between the Rabbi they have grown to love or the organization of Noahide Nations...If you chose the Rabbi you gave then became a enemy of Ray and an outcast at Noahide Nations... This happened to Rabbi Bakst and Rabbi Katz…

I’m not sure what Russell is even trying to say here but you are more than welcome to look at our past and present Faculty.  You will see just how many Rabbis have worked with Noahide Nations.  We only had to let one Rabbi go and that was Joel Bakst (Baks).  I will be putting a section together explaining exactly why we had to let him go.  David Katz quit because he became frustrated with Adam Penrod and I for wanting him to send his sources for articles he was writing, but he refused.  We were relentless in asking for the sources so he decided to leave and do his own thing which is the teaching of the new religion of Ger.  In both cases we parted company favorably with no hard feelings.  Interestingly enough I can name 4 Rabbis they have thrown under the bus in 5 years.  Unlike Ger Kirk I will not embarrass them by giving out their names.  Russell and Mike know though. 

... and the hand writing is on the wall for Rabbi Bloominstiel... He thinks all is good with him and Ray, but he is lucky that he is a liberal and Ray let him stay in Noahide Nations... much less all the things coming out now... I can see why Rabbi is speaking do nicely of Ray lately... He is hoping it will help...

If Russell had the courage to simply find out the fact’s, like a true Noahide would, he would know that Rabbi Bloomenstiel left as a result of getting his law degree from SMU, passing the bar and is currently a partner in a law firm.  He is a trial attorney which takes an extensive amount of work every day just preparing for trail.  Oh, yeah, he also has a family that, for some reason, he wanted to spend some time with.  Rabbi Bloomenstiel didn’t want to commit to another cycle of 60 classes.  So, after finishing his 5th cycle of the Noahide Laws & Life Cycle Course it was time to throw in the towel.  This may not be understandable to Russell but it is to me and anyone else with common sense.  He wishes that he had the time to teach because he loved it so much.

Rabbi Bloomenstiel and I have been friends for 7 years and he is my Rabbi on any halachic questions I have.

Noahide nations has had more splits than the first Baptist Church and people wonder why so many people think Noahide Nations is creating a new religion or becoming a church... It's simple Noahide Nations acts like a church... Money... organization... Control... Power... I've seen it all there.

This is nothing more than a pond full of bilge being spewed by Russell.  It is interesting to note that Russell is a former Baptist minister.  So, if anyone is proficient at starting a new religion and being a church, it is Russell Kirk.  He is the one interested in glorifying himself by destroying others which has already been proven.  He is the one who wants all the power that’s why Russell and Mike want everyone to join their Shalom 70 “Charm Offensive”.

Getting away from the grip of this no no hide organization has freed me to learn Torah more than ever before... This is why the Ger is so passionate most of us have came out of not one church but two... The Ger just want the freedom to study Torah without some organization trying to make us follow them... That's all I got to say about that...

This entire post is all about Russell thinking he is achieving something when in fact he is just looking for some attention.  Anyone with common sense can see exactly what he is trying to do.  Sadly, for him, he can only fabricate stories with the hope that the stories will work.