11. Who Are the Ger Gang Teachers?

We all have had teachers throughout our lives, parents, grandparents, school teachers and for many of us Torah teachers.  Though we have thousands of Rabbis in the world there are less than a handful who have studied the Noahide Laws and even fewer who can actually teach on the subject at a deep level.  Most Rabbi's are proficient in the Torah for Jews and not the Torah for Non-Jews.  When it comes to Rabbi's or teachers they are all to be respected as they have put in the time to gain the knowledge for their particular smicha.  Clearly, not all Rabbi's are equal.  A good Rabbi is one who understands that his ability to convey material to students is measured by the questions his student asks.

Any Torah teacher has the honor of representing HaShem and his Torah and therefore his teachings and his way of life should reflect that.  Most Rabbi's live honorable Torah based lives while others, well, not so much.  The students are generally a reflection of who their teachers are.  Not in every case but in most cases.  The Rabbi cannot be held accountable for the actions of their students but are responsible for their teachings which is usually reflected in the students actions.

This section will show who the Ger Gang teachers are and may provide a possible answer, if only in part, as to why Mike Mattlage, Russell Kirk and the majority of their Ger Gang act the way they do.

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