11. Who Are the Ger Gang Teachers?

11.1. Who is Joel Bakst (Baks)

I have know Joel Bakst (Baks) for nearly 15 years.  He was one of the few Rabbi's who, at that time, were willing to even teach non-Jews.  The majority of Rabbis, to this very day, have no interest in teaching Noahide Torah to non-Jews.  Even if that means sacrificing the whole "Light Unto the Nations" aspect of Torah.  However, in their defense virtually every nation has tried to exterminate the Jewish people to some degree.  You can even see this today with the level of anti-Semitism and Jewish hatred rising, seemingly, on a daily basis.

Anyway, Joel Bakst (Baks) taught with Noahide Nations for a number of years and even taught at our 2008 World Conference.  I am going to share with you the reason Joel is no longer with Noahide Nations, but, before I do it must be said that Joel and I left on very amicable terms.  There was never any animosity between us.  Ger Kirk has claimed the exact opposite occurred but that was just another one of Russell's fabrications.  After seeing this information though Joel may say that this isn't how it ended with Noahide Nations.  However, that is irrelevant because after you realize what the reason for Joel being asked to leave was it will not matter if the parting was amicable or not.

First up is a video of Mike Mattlage committing loshon hara and slander on behalf of Joel Bakst (Baks).  It also reflects Mike's extreme narcissistic qualities.

Here is the reason that the community of Tzvat rejected joel Bakst (Baks) and his yeshiva.  

This is the text of the letter Mike is referring to from Avraham Sutton, not Satan as Mike says.  This was part of an email that Rabbi Sutton sent me.

Here's what I wrote to the people in Tzfat. I don't know who saw it and who read it, but apparently it had some effect:

"About Joel Bakst: It’s not that he doesn’t want to do teshuvah. And it’s not that he hasn’t grown a lot in the 30 years since it all blew up and he was exposed in the Old City of Yerushalayim (1990). He does want to do full teshuvah and he has grown and matured a lot (due in large part to ingesting DMT and becoming an advocate of it, extolling its healing powers). Nevertheless, because of the way he did what he did (I can provide details) and that he did it numerous times after promising that he was under strict psychological and rabbinic supervision and that he was fully repentant, he still cannot be trusted. It is therefore imperative that we shun him. Literally, a huge part of his teshuvah is that we must continue to shun him. Yes this sounds very harsh. And it is. Individuals can befriend him, but in terms of societal acceptance, no. Individuals may still wish to learn with him (being attracted by his brilliant mind), but this should be limited to those who know enough to catch him when he returns to his old tricks of claiming that his understanding of Mashiach and the messianic process is more advanced that that of others, which in the past has led him to be a modern-day Shabtai Tzvi. And finally we have to consider the women who became his victims, whom he seduced with smooth words like the nachash himself... So you see, it’s not simple. It’s sad. Listen to what Rabbi David Zeller said about him many years ago: “Let’s say I have a super computer program that can literally do everything. It will solve all your problems and put you way ahead of the game. Wouldn’t you want such a program? The only problem is, it will infect your entire computer with a dangerous virus. Do you still want to install it?” As above, there is no question that Bakst is brilliant. However, hidden within his teachings lurks a secret ingredient that corrupts the neshamah. He claims that he is offering us the Highest Torah, the Torah of the Etz HaChayim. He makes it very attractive. He ties it in with most advanced ideas in science and psychology. And it’s even based largely on the teachings of the Gra (whom he claims to be a descendant of) and the Leshem, two of the greatest luminaries of Kabbalah! But it’s not pure. It’s tainted! Ay that it didn’t have to be this way!! It’s our loss as much as his. But we have no choice; we must protect ourselves."

I researched the drug DMT but I am not a doctor so I will leave it to you to do the research for yourself.

As you can see the issue with Joel Bakst (Baks) has been going on since 1990.  I was not made aware of this until 2009.  The next section will reveal my reasons for letting Joel go and, presumably, the reason Tzvat rejected his yeshiva.