11. Who Are the Ger Gang Teachers?

11.2. Who is Joel Bakst (Baks) II

As you can see from the letter written by Avraham Sutton it vaguely describes what had occurred as far back as 1990 and had happened in the USA as well.  When in Israel Joel ruined they marriages of multiple families due to adultery.   When I first learned about this I was asked to remove Joel from his teaching role with Noahide Nations immediately.  However, a true Noahide Torah observant person cannot just take the word of others without confirming what is being said.  So, I requested as much information as I could get in order to do my own investigation with the sources themselves.  Apparently, Mike and Russell never learned this part of Torah as evidenced in the previous sections.  I'm assuming that no one in the Ger Gang learned this because none of them contacted me when Mike released his slander video about me.  And, the ones who knew the truth didn't bother to step up to reveal the truth to the rest of the Ger Gang.  For me I find this to be reprehensible by those who knew the truth.  Anyway, I digress.

I allowed Joel to continue teaching until I was completely finished with my investigation and could make an intelligent decision as to how I should proceed.  In the end Joel had to be removed based on all the evidence.  Below you will see some of that evidence.  What is not documented is my discussions with the women or families who were harmed by Joel here in the US and Israel.  I will present the emails without the names of the individuals, for obvious reasons.  I will also share my findings.

This first email is from a very prominent and respected Rabbi in Israel who helped me with my fact finding in Israel.  This will give you an idea of how serious this is.