11. Who Are the Ger Gang Teachers?

11.7. Who is David Katz

I didn't realize I had this from Rabbi Hollander.  When I read it I laughed so hard I almost choked.  It literally obliterates everything Ger Kirk and Ger Mattlage have said about Rav Yoel Schwartz and the Ger Toshav.

Rabbosai –  

Rabbi Katz held his annual “ger” conference this past weekend here in Texas.  I have access to the recordings of the lectures.   Of note – he states several times that there is no prohibition on ger/noahide and Jews marrying other than “the prohibition that the Rabbis made up” and that when the Yovel was in force, “Jews and Noahides freely intermarried.”

See also this post: https://palmtreeofdeborah.blogspot.com/2016/08/did-rabbi-meir-kahane-really-get-ger.html

I will send a link to the referenced lecture before Shabbos, B”n.

On another note – I received a call from someone claiming to be Rav Zalman Nehemia Goldberg who warned me that Katz was “among the gadolei hador and tsaddikim ha-amitiyim” and that I would lose my olam haba if I continued to oppose him.   I responded in Yiddish, to which the caller claimed that he only spoke Hebrew and English.    The problem is that I have met Rav Goldberg, and he ONLY speaks Hebrew and Yiddish.  Also, this was clearly not his voice on the phone.  Rabbi Mogilevsky in Chicago got a similar call and also knew that this was not Rabbi Goldberg. 

I have spoken to several Gadolim, including Rav Kanievsky and Rav Shternbuch about this.  They all agree that what Katz is teaching is dangerous and incorrect.   Rav Kanievsky said that his claim that Noahides or ger toshav is the “fourth congregation” mentioned in Sifrei is practically kefira, because not only is that statement rejected by the gemara, but to claim such is to tinker with the laws of marriage and the kedusha of Yisroel.  

The problem is that I have found no one who is willing to condemn him publicly.  The attitude I have encountered is “this matter only affects non-Jews, so why even get involved?”

At this point, I think that the best course is to ask Rabbi Weiner to approach Rav Zalman Nehemia Goldberg.  Rav Goldberg gave Katz semikhah, and Katz claims that Rav ZNG supports him unconditionally.   Rav Goldberg was also an advisor on the Divine Code, which Katz has attacked repeatedly, and someone posing as Rabbi Goldberg is calling people claiming that Katz is a tsaddik and gaon. 


Shalom to all,

Below is the link to the I Get Ger pages transcript of Clorfene’s speech at the “ger” conference in Texas this past weekend. 

It is important to read it before it gets taken down, because it is a peek behind the curtain of what they are teaching.   Clorfene and Katz have both been accused of telling non-Jews that they can keep Shabbos and additional mitzvos, learn kabbalo, etc.   They have denied it time and time again.  However, ex-followers of theirs have told me that this is EXACTLY what they teach, but that they tell their followers that the rest of the Jewish world “is not ready to know this.”  In this speech, Clorfene admits to what they teach: that it is mutar for a non-Jew to keep Shabbos, etc. 

This alone is enough to posul the movement. 

He also demonizes Chabad and virtually every other noahide organization.

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