11. Who Are the Ger Gang Teachers?

11.8. Who is David Katz II

I could not help myself after having been in the Messianic's camp for several years before finding HaShem's truth.  When I read David Katz's comments using "Hebrew roots" and "Grafted" I was reminded of those times because his comments are exactly what we would say.


Menachem Mendel Schneerson OBM was the third Rebbe of the Chabad Lubavitch.  Neither Russell, Mike or David Katz offer any evidence of this.  They think that just saying it makes it true.  For many in the Ger Gang whatever Mike and Russell say is the "gospel" and therefore is true.  Try calling a Chabad Rabbi and explain the Ger Gang position on Ger and ask them if the Rebbe believed in this.  They will either say never, laugh at you or just hang up on you.  Maybe all the above.