11. Who Are the Ger Gang Teachers?

11.9. Who is David Katz III

David Katz is the one profaning HaShem and His Torah.  He has no idea of the laws of speech.  In the next section you will see how he violates the simplest of the laws that caused the destruction of Mankind. 

David Katz makes some of the most absurd comments here.  It is amazing to me how little regard he had for Artscroll.  Any basic level Torah student knows that Artscroll is not a primary source and Artscroll has never claimed to be.  However, they do use many primary sources in their commentary.  In their Chumash and Tanach they do print the Hebrew.  This is just an exercise in his need for self importance and drawing attention to himself.  The entire piece is ridiculous.  But, it makes great fodder for the simple minded.