11. Who Are the Ger Gang Teachers?

11.10. Who is David Katz IV

I conducted my own seach on the GuideStar and IRS and found nothing.  Katz and company are no more a 501(c)3 than I am Bugs Bunny.  If David Katz has no problem misleading people on something like this how much more so will he mislead you to believe in his Ger agenda?  And, what about his "authorized" instructor’s Russell Kirk and Mike Mattlage?  Taking people's money under false pretenses is theft, the reason that Mankind was destroyed.  This is an absolute disgrace!  Though the IRS does not accept complaints against a non-501(c)3 organization you can file a criminal complaint against the owner and any subordinate's who knew of the fraud.  You can also file a civil action against the perpetrator(s).  You may also want to file both but be advised that the criminal case takes precedence over the civil case.  It is also possible for a class action suit by all those who made donations to this man.  I highly recommend contacting the District Attorney's office in your state and/or an attorney for legal advice.

David, Russell and Mike all earn 5 Pinocchio’s on this one.

Here is what an actual 501(c)3 organization looks like when you do a search.


This is what a fake 501(c)3 looks like.