14. Mike Mattlage Teshuvah Video That Isn't

14.2. Mike's "We're Getting a Great Response" Statement

Mike Mattlage claims that they are getting a great response to their peace proposal of joining them and all will be well.  I wish I could share the email responses that Mike and Russell are getting because Jews and true Noahides understand the laws of loshon hara and slander are.   Mike and Russell even claimed that I joined their group which of course is a work of fiction.  I wouldn't join this group if it was the only group on Facebook.  If you have made it this far you have seen what this Ger Gang has done to me, my wife and Noahide Nations and many of our friends you will quickly realize that it was a fabrication.  Here is what took place.  They tried to say that I joined their gang and then left. That's ridiculous and a flat out lie.  Here is some of what took place.

I did not include everything that has come into me because there is just to much, but I think you get the general feeling from these people how they really feel no matter what Mike and Russell have to say.  Finally, I have removed the names of the people who sent me these emails as I refuse to make them target's of such nasty people.


Here are some of the responses to Mike and Russell's fake peace initiative.  Many of these are from the very same people Mike named in the video's.  This is what they really feel about the Ger Gang.

Dear Ray,

Mike really believes that his "sincerity" is going to heal all the damage he has done and is still doing.

I don't want to have any contact with these people. It literally sickens me to listen to his pompous ego.

No, this is not teshuvah. It is rather pompous ego. There is nothing to rejoice about here. 



I'm glad to be on good terms with you (call it a meeting of hearts), but I don't see very much likelihood of a meeting of minds yet. There are just too many issues standing between us. Issues about what Judaism is, what Rabbinical authority is, what being an Orthodox Rabbi entails.



Shalom Ray!

You can rest assured that I support you in this controversy. You probably recall that I didn't sign on to the letter that the group of Rabbis released (I'm not a Rabbi), but I posted a separate letter from Rabbi Moshe Weiner about David Katz and Chaim Clorfene.


Hello Ray,

Thanks be to HaShem that I was only just out of Xtianty not even a few months and that was about three years ago when I myself stumbled across these guys. I was not even in their group for more than three months when it just did not feel right so I left their FB group. Something smelt off and this guy called Katz who I believe started this whole GER thing just did not look like the real deal.  I searched and searched and then discovered you. Best decision I ever made. Sadly, some will find out much later but hopefully soon with your stand, things will be more out in the open and action will be taken....whatever that action might be.  It is both terrible and sad what they are doing as many who are trying to come of Xtianity are being taken for another false ride and they don't even know it. 

Thank you Ray.


Shalom Ray,

What a terrible situation with the IgetGer movement. I didn't know it was that bad.  Of course we in the Netherlands  I have noticed that there are currents within the Noahide world  that are not kosher, but this is really very bad. I was shocked when I saw Russel Kirk's videos and reactions. It is unbelievable  that a Noahide person can say such derogatory untruths. He takes the ground from under his own feet in the end as well.  All I can say is that I feel very sorry for you and it's awful that you've suffered and still suffer financially as well.
Shalom Ray:

Do you know when the video attacking you and Noachide Nations was made and broadcast?

It would seem to me that if he had made all of those accusations against you previously, then appropriate teshuvah would not be via releasing a subsequent video seeking to bury the hatchet with all his opponents. Appropriate teshuvah would be to contact you directly, articulate what he believes he did wrong and to then apologize and seek your forgiveness.

With Torah blessings,


I haven't seen the video yet, but I did receive a video from Anita. My response to anything from the Katz group these days is to just ignore them. I'll take a look at the video though since you ask. Although I doubt watching the video will do anything but annoy me and won't change what I say below. 

My personal viewpoint is not to get into all of this with the Sanhedrin as it has no authority in the Jewish community. It only has the authority you give it for Noahide Nations. To my knowledge, the Sanhedrin project we were approached by fifteen years ago no longer exists; I think the Sanhedrin project has failed for now. 

The Katz people are all about respecting Rabbinic authority until it doesn't agree with them and then they're all about "truth." This means they just want to do what they want to do and if you agree with them you're their friend but if you disagree with them you are their enemy. 

I think you should cut through all of the nonsense and just sue them as you wish if you feel confident. It seems to be the only thing they really respond to. When Avi Bloomenstiel was threatened by them it was the police and not the beit din they forced them to modify their behavior. 

As far as Teshuvah is concerned, you can certainly forgive them, but it doesn't free them from the material consequences of their actions. In fact, taking a bite out of their @55e5 (through the courts of course) might make their Teshuvah more sincere...at least on paper if nothing else.

I hope you and Mary are well and pray for your success and good health.

All the best,

Hi Ray,
I don't believe you know me, but I have been watching the Ger thing for a long time.  I am a rabbi as well as an attorney.  I initially became aware of Katz/Ger a handful of years ago when a close friend of mine asked me to watch Katz and to give my opinion on his mental well-being.  This person was a former roommate of Katz from his yeshiva days and was concerned by what he was seeing. 
About that time, I started seeing a certain "Ger Gravy" going on to jewish social media outlets for converts or those in the process and attacking them as being "Jew wannabees" and claiming that there is no valid conversion today.  I became aware of this same person's treatment of R. Bloomenstiel (whom I spoke to on a few occasions concerning this) and quickly was sucked into the disturbing world of Katz/Ger.
I have had many discussions with Mike over the past couple years, always negative and aggressive.  So, I immediately knew something was up when Mike started the Shalom 70 "charm offensive."
I think I really dodged a bullet when I left that group behind.  I am sure it was HaShem's leading me that made me back away.  But I am praying for you, my friend.  May you be strengthened and comforted and experience great peace during this time.
I sent the following to Russell Kirk.  I felt that the repercussions would be undesirable if I ignore him entirely or reply with something negative.  (the message is erased)
That being said, do not feel guilty for suing; this is not true teshuvah even for me, let alone for you and Rabbi Bloomenstiel.  He can whine all he wants; to me it's just another bout of holy-roller antics.  
Nonetheless, I want to be out of his spotlight; I have little stomach for this anymore.
With Blessings to You, My Friend,