15. False Ger Toshav Status by Ger Leaders

I'm starting this off with an email from Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander specifically regarding the question on Ger Toshav status asked to Rav Yoel Schwartz.  Rav Schwartz is very highly regarded within the Rabbinic community and highly regarded by the Ger Gang, unless he doesn't agree with him.

I have sent an email to the Noahide World Center for a determination of their position on Ger Toshav.  Their "Noahide Declaration" does not include the term "Ger Toshav" but this does not stop the Ger Gang who are leading people to believe that as a result of receiving the declaration they are now Ger Toshav.  Their deception is a fraud.  Those who learn their Torah from Mike Mattlage and Russell Kirk are not learning Torah at all.  It's a simple case of the blind leading the more blind.  I will be sending this video and more on the Ger Gang to as many Rabbis as I can so if they have an encounter with one of these individuals they know where their version of Torah comes from.

This video is a glowing example of what happens when you do not have qualified Torah teachers.

On page 5, I highlighted Russell Kirk's statement that these certificates are his and his wife's Ger Toshav certificates.  This is a HUGE fabrication.  They received these certificates at our 2008 Noahide Nations World Conference in FT. Lauderdale, FL..  The term "Ger Toshav" does not appear anywhere on these certificates nor was the term ever mentioned by anyone, including Russell and Teresa.  But, now that it helps push their agenda, they are making this false claim.  For the record these are NOT Ger Toshav certificates.   

I will no longer sit back and allow Russell, Mike or anyone else in the "Ger Gang" to misrepresent anything regarding Noahide Nations and all those involved with Noahide Nations.  I will respond to every fabrication published by anyone from here on out.

I will be contacting two of the three signatories on Russell and Teresa's certificate to see if I have their agreement to revoke their certificates along with anyone else making this "Ger Toshav" claim regarding the certificates from the Noahide Nations conference.