4. It's All About the Money-The Practice of Hypocrisy

As you have probably heard and/or witnessed on videos and posts, Ray Pettersen and Noahide Nations are all about the money.  Mike Mattlage, Russell Kirk and many on the "ger" membership claim that this is the only purpose for our existence.  It has gone as far as Mike Mattlage bragging that he asked me why I was "prostituting Torah".  Mike Mattlage is very proud of the fact that he did this during the 2011 Noahide Nations World Conference during my lecture on the future of the Noahide movement.  He wanted to demonize me and ruin my reputation by asking this question in an auditorium full of Noahide and Jews who were attending the conference.  After seeing the absolute hypocrisy on the part the ger gang you will probably ask what is Mike Mattlage's, Russell Kirk and the ger gang's true agenda.  It seems that no one is allowed to generate any revenue to cover expenses and maybe generate enough to eat a burger or two for the effort put forth.  The only ones who are allowed to generate revenue are their teachers or individuals who are friends and believe the way they believe.  I would love for Mike and his gang to show us where in Torah it says that it's OK to be a hypocrite and ruin the names of individuals and organization for their own benefit.

Here are a couple glowing examples from the ger gang.  This first part will show Ger Kirk and others attacking Noahide Nations.

What is Ger Kirk's real agenda here?  Many of their own members recognize it but leader's Kirk and Mattlage never change their song.  A number of the statements made here are simply fabrications and distortions.  I'm just revealing their hypocrisy on money.

Maybe Mike and Russell can explain how Ray Pettersen and Noahide Nations are prostituting Torah and yet they are not prostituting Torah.  Does this make sense to anyone?

Russell Kirk

December 28, 2019

If Noahide was not a new religion why would it need a new Siddur... Let that sink in...

Gloria Culver The old siddur is new for a religion as old as Noahides. Was there a siddur in Abraham’s time??

Ariella Davidi Well it depends, are you a Sephardic ger, Ashkenazi ger, mezrahi ger? Even we Jews have multiple prayer books. Im really not sure of the point?

DM Molato This is an idea of confusion? How the gentiles be enlighten if there's no correct or an exact teaching from the Jewish people?

DM Molato To whom we the gentiles rely on? How will be the fulfilment of Zechariah 8:20-23?

Russell Kirk DM Molato exactly... that’s why I don’t believe the Noahide needs a separate siddur if we are to grasp the Torah of the Jew...

Gorgonio Cabilete why some noachide made there sidur ? who authorized them to do that?

Russell Kirk Gorgonio Cabilete their pocket books...

Gorgonio Cabilete Russell Kirk Oohhh so there is no Orthodox Rabbi commanded to do so? Actually i ask this because i want a clarification of this subject.

Danilo S Abanilla I thought both all of you are a rightious one. You insult the noahide of his own practice of being a rightious gentile .so if you think that mo rabbi guided with us through our prayer and observance of a 7 laws go ahead of what you are becouse you know to your selves that you being save from this olam hashe and your street bound to olam haba .but you know that all of us will pass through the hell of fire

Julien Willow This statement is really not fair to noahides. Jewish Sidurs are prayers specific to the Jewish people, some things technically not applicable to noahides.

Russell Kirk Julien Willow if you pray in the merit of Israel it does not matter... these new prayer books coming out separate the Noahide from Israel instead attaching them to Israel... If I can’t pray in the merit of Israel what does that make me? And if I won’t pray in the merit of Israel what does that say about me? If the purpose of the righteous non Jew is not to make a new religion then how can the righteous non Jew be separated out from Israel... that is the point here...

Julien Willow Russell Kirk I think this is why Paul and Peter created messianic Noahidism.

Albeit people like you and I love the Jewish people and Judaism, not everyone has the same level of passion.

Not everyone wants to be holy, nor be observant. They need something more tailored to their needs.

The cultural differences are simply too vast. Even i, who tend to be prudish in opinion find that I cannot fit right into a Jewish community because of cultural differences. It's something I must slowly learn. And I'm willing. Then you have the Jewish people who are fearful of Lashon Hara, so they keep their opinions to themselves, on top of the fact that religious Jewish believers aren't very talkative because that's not the Jewish culture, of course there are the few exceptions here and there.

If gentiles were indeed commited to Noahidism or ger, HaShem would have raised a rabbi cator to gentiles, and he has. The honest truth is gentiles aren't ready for that level of commitment.

Michael Clark Anyone who thanks this is good teaching is crazy! I would rather stay a Christian than a noahide.

Russell Kirk

December 16, 2018

Haha... how funny Noahide Nations is using the status of Ger Toshav to sell their way over priced learning program after they tell Noahides they can’t learn Torah and there is no such thing as a Ger Toshav... you can’t make this stuff up.... I’m wondering if the Noahides want to prepare themselves for being a Ger Toshav why don’t they just live their life “like” a Ger Toshav now like we do.... and save their money....

Russell Kirk Rabbi David Katz adheres to the Nascent Sanhedrin rulings on all his teachings... meaning if anyone has issues with any of Rabbi Katz’s teachings the Nascent Sanhedrin will rule on the discrepancy... this will end the need for unsubstantiated letters defaming a kosher Rabbi and his teachings... and for the record the Nascent Sanhedrin invited all eight signers if the bogus letter circulated about Rabbi Katz for them to justify their claims against him... all eight of them refused to show up.... proving they can not justify their public deformation of a Kosher Rabbi...

Michael Frederick if whoever was trying to accomplish something in that email - they did it. People will realize what really is going on there. I'd be willing to bet they were looking on for a response. We must try to cultivate unity. Neither side is no better at this point. Noahide and Ger are both important to the world. Teachers really are capable of making mistakes and who does it hurt? Their students.

Russell Kirk Michael Frederick I don’t see any Ger Rabbi or Ger Teacher charging this kind of money for pages of a siddur and/or classes... then dangling the hope of residency in Israel to non Jews to sweeten the deal.... I don’t mind sharing in some of the blame for some hard feeling I contributed to that... but the Ger has exploded the Torah for financial gains... and this type of exploration of Torah needs to be exposed

James Rogers There's one born every minute.

Salinda Sheffels How sad to see this level of misdirection for profit

Russell Kirk I think the oscillation here be between telling The Noahide they can’t study Torah to make money from them and then telling them they can study only the Torah they give you to make even more money from the Noahides... the oscillation here is the Noahides money from their pocket to theirs...

There is much more of this nonsense but I think you get the point so far.