4. It's All About the Money-The Practice of Hypocrisy

4.3. Ger Teacher David Katz Allowed to Raise Funds

This is another Ger Gang teacher, David Katz, who has their permission to raise funds.  Noahide Nations is still waiting for the Ger Gang Leadership to explain why we are not allowed to raise funds.  Please note the first exhibit is the pay David Katz demanded from Noahide Nations.  Much of which was donated by Ray and Mary Pettersen so others could attend the classes for free.





The Ger Gang Leadership believes it's OK for David Katz to charge $600 for nine 55 minute class. 
Noahide Nations charged $300 - $400 for 60 live, 1 hour minimum, classes on the Noahide Laws & Life Cycle Course. 
The course was researched, developed and written by poskim (Judges).  This course is fully
sourced and is accepted by Orthodox Rabbis from around the world.  In other words we teach actual Torah.