4. It's All About the Money-The Practice of Hypocrisy

4.6. It's All About the Money-Conclusion

The evidence clearly demonstrates the anyone who is friendly and agrees with the "Non-Jewish Ger's" at I Get Ger/I Get Ger 2.0 and now Shalom 70 are free to charge people for whatever they want, regardless of the amount.  Mike Mattlage and Russell Kirk promote these people on a regular basis.  Even Russell Kirk promotes the sale of his products.  If they were honest and fair they would bad mouth everyone of their teachers for doing the exact same exact thing.  Why have they not included in their attacks their own people or themselves for promoting their products?  Additionally, how did Yeshiva University, Hebrew University and every other yeshiva on the planet escape their wrath?  The answer is quite simple, they have selectively targeted  Ray & Mary Pettersen and Noahide Nations with their assault.  Why?  Simple, they are jealous and have tremendous hate for Ray Pettersen.  There reasons?  No one really knows why except that Noahide Nations has achieved a great deal more than they have and helped many more people learn the truth in Torah than they have, over the past 15 years.  They are desperately trying to make themselves relevant in the Noahide and Jewish world by tearing down Noahide Nations, the founder and his wife.  What they will say is that they never attacked my wife, Mary. 

HaShem says in Genesis 2:24 "For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh".  For anyone who has been married for 25+ years you will find know this verse to be completely true.  My wife and I find ourselves literally saying and thinking the exact same things at the exact same time.  We laugh with each other about it and also sit in awe of HaShem's statement in this verse.  Unfortunately, it goes well beyond that in that when I am hurting, Mary is hurting; when Mary hurts, I hurt.  When they attack me, they are attacking Mary as well.  When they attack Noahide Nations they attack both of us because HaShem gave the idea of Noahide Nations to me, and Mary is on the Board of Directors.

It goes without saying that every time the non-Jewish Ger attacks Noahide Nations they attack everyone, teachers, students, everyone on our Facebook group and many more who are involved with Noahide Nations, which numbers in the thousands around the world.  In all honesty, Russell and Mike should be ashamed of themselves along with everyone who has joined in on this as well as those who know Mary & I and Noahide Nations and sat back and did nothing about it. 

If the evidence presented here does not define hypocrisy then every dictionary on the planet has the wrong definition.